Hyderabad Police probing assault on law student in hostel

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 10 Months ago
Islamic scholars Akhtarul Wasey and Syed Naseruddin Chisty
Islamic scholars Akhtarul Wasey and Syed Naseruddin Chisty



Hydebrabad cyber police have registered a case against ten students of a reputed business school who are allegedly involved in attacking a fellow student Himank Bansal and forced him to chant Islamic slogans and assaulted him inside his hostel room on Saturday.

The video of the attack has gone viral on social media.

Bansal is a student of ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) In the college. Hyderabad cyber police has registered an FIR on his complaint.

Muslim intellectuals have strongly protested the harassment of a Hindu student Himank Bansal by classmates and making him raise slogans like Allahu Akbar.

Condemning the incident, prominent Islamic scholar Akhtarul Wasey said by making Bansal shout slogans against someone's faith or torturing him at any cost is a condemnable act. He said, "Such actions are unacceptable and are not only harmful for the country but also for religious harmony."

Sajjaddanashin of the Ajmer Sharif Syed Naseeruddin Chishti strongly condemned the incident. “I strongly condemn this incident, such incidents should not happen at any cost. It is surprising that those who did this act had the courage to make a video of this incident and made it viral.” He said it was a sad incident.

In this video viral on social media, a group of students can be seen thrashing and threatening Himank Bansal inside the hostel room. It is clearly visible in this video that Himank is alone in the room and others together are slapping him on the cheeks and kicking him on other parts of the body. He is also seen being pushed down on the flood from his bed.

After the attack, Himank Bansal lodged a complaint with the police in which he name a fellow student calling him a 'pedophile' and in defence he citing examples from Islamic history.

Himank blamed a fellow woman student for leaking their private online chat to the group of students who assaulted him in his room.

He said some 20 people barged into the hostel room and attacked him and forcibly made his raise slogans of 'Allahu Akbar'.

As per the FIR, Bansal was physically and sexually assaulted by around 15-20 boys in his hostel room. In the complaint, Bansal says the intruders tore his clothes, punched him in his face and stomach, slapped and kicked him and even forced him to swallo some powder and chemicals.

He alleged that one of the assailants sexually assaulted him.

Bansal told police he became the butt of jokes in the college after the videos and pictures of the attack were shared widely. He is unable to sleep and very disturbed.

Himank Bansal has also given the video and photographic evidence of the assault to the police.

Following his complaint, Cyberabad Police has stated that FIRs under sections 307, 342, 450, 323, 506, r/w 149, IPC and Section 4(I) of the Prohibition of Ragging Act of 2011 have been registered by Shankarpally Police Station against the culprits on 11th November 2022 , (II), and (III) have been registered. Further action in the matter is being taken by the police.

The college has started action against the students involved in the assault as well as Himank Bansal.