ISKCON Guwahati hosts winter camp for children and youth

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Sumana • 2 Months ago
ISKCON Guwahati organized a winter camp
ISKCON Guwahati organized a winter camp



The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Guwahati, recently organized a two-day winter camp for children between the ages of 6 and 15 years. The event took place on December 24-25 at the Jagannath Temple Cultural Complex located in Jaya Nagar Beltola in Guwahati.

The aim of the camp was to impart spiritual knowledge and values to the young participants while engaging them in various enriching activities.

The winter camp hosted by ISKCON, Guwahati, was a resounding success, drawing in children from across the city to participate in an array of activities designed to promote holistic growth and learning, including yoga, spiritual teachings, storytelling sessions, learning shlokas, art and crafts, interactive games, and musical performances.

One of the highlights of the camp was the focus on instilling spiritual values and teachings in the young minds. Through interactive and engaging sessions, the children were introduced to the rich spiritual heritage and teachings of Sanatana dharma, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of spirituality and its relevance in their daily lives.

The camp provided a platform for the children to explore their creativity and imagination, it enabled them to connect with ancient Vedic stories and verses, while imbibing important values such as patience, attention to detail, and perseverance.

The camp also incorporated fun games that not only provided entertainment but also promoted teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship among the participants.

The joyous atmosphere was further amplified by the melodious renditions of devotional songs, which infused the camp with a sense of spirituality and positivity, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds and hearts of the participants.

The success of the winter camp serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of ISKCON, Guwahati, in promoting the all-round development of children by preparing them for the future and in imparting essential values that resonate with the teachings of our rich spiritual heritage.