MSO asks Muslim youth to be cautious of 'Islamic' content on internet

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 25 d ago
Image of four arrested Aligarh youth released by the ATS
Image of four arrested Aligarh youth released by the ATS


New Delhi

The Muslim Student Organization of India has issued an appeal to the youth that they must not fall for radical Wahhabi indoctrination material on the internet, something that can ruin their future.

The statement comes after four alumni and students of the Aligarh Muslim University were arrested by the Anti-terrorism Squad of the Uttar Pradesh Police for their alleged links to ISIS.

The MSO said that young Muslims should be aware that projects worth crores have been started on the internet to increase the influence of Wahhabism on Islamic societies all over the world.

"It is an international conspiracy aimed at misleading the Muslim communities that are living in peace and harmony, to make them feel like victims and incite them to destabilize their countries," a release said.

The MSO said India is the target of forces like the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations. "Their strategy is to mislead the youth through the internet. This is ruining the future of Muslim youth all over the world."

MSO has told the Muslim youth, “In the name of political Islam, they are playing with people's emotions and destroying their future.”

MSO has appealed to the youth to follow Sufi ideology that alone can assure a bright future.

The organization also asked the government to check such content on social media.

MSO is preparing a list of YouTube channels that broadcast fundamentalist Wahabi content and try to mislead Indian Muslim youth. The list would be shared with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for banning.