Nuh painter Juber Ahmed's solo show in Gurugram on Jan 21

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Juber Ahmed busy with his work
Juber Ahmed busy with his work


Yunus Alvi / Nuh (Haryana)

Young painter Juber Ahmed’s 70 artworks will be his solo exhibition to be hosted by the Archaeology and Museum Department of the Haryana government. This is a major event focused on the works of this young painter from the Nuh district of the state who is often called “Maqbool Fida Hussain of Nuh.”

The event “Kahani Farukhabad ki “ is based on the artworks of Juber Ahmed. The theme of the exhibition is India heritage, Haryana heritage, and Mewat culture. Mewat is a Meo-Muslim dominant region with a distinct culture and history and Juber belongs to the town of Ferozeput Zhirkha of the Nuh district.

The event is being organized on January 21 at Farrukhnagar, Gurugram.

Earlier Juber Ahmed’s painting exhibition was organised by the Haryana Archaeological Survey in the at Farrukhnagar.


The poster of the event

The event is being organized to generate awareness about the heritage and culture of Haryana through art. The event will see the participation of artists from all over the country.  The guests will also get a chance to learn about the heritage of Haryana.

Juber Ahmed who is an alumnus of Aligarh Muslims University works mostly on culture and traditions.

Through his works, art lovers will get a chance to know about the historical heritage from the Lodhi period to the Mughal period. This solo exhibition is such event being organized in Haryana.

Juber Ahmed said, "His most expensive painting “Buddha 26 Caves’  which is inspired by the Ajanta, caves in Maharashtra, was bought in America.”

Juber is happy about his exhibition. He says that the exhibition will give others a chance to see his work.” He has achieved celebrity status among his community and is invited to events.

Once he was invited to inaugurate the building of the local court at Punhana where a show of his 40 works was also organised.

The then High Court Judge Arvind Singh Sangwan had honoured him and some of his paintings have been installed in Nuh District Court.

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He has a degree in Fine Arts from Aligarh Muslim University. Currently, he is doing PhD in this. He is also writing a book on 'A Journey Through the Art and Architecture: Mewat, Haryana and Rajasthan.