10 stories of young Indians whose work can change the world

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Manipuri teen climate change activist Lacipria Kangujam
Manipuri teen climate change activist Lacipria Kangujam


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Only after a few days the year 2023 will be going away forever and it will always be engraved in the wall of time  The most precious asset of the whole universe is time that waits for none and we will welcome a whole new year as soon as the ongoing year gets disappeared forever. There will be a new begining of faith, hope, joy, peace, love, happiness, friendship, achievments, success and progress.

The outgoing year has shown us so  many  things , it has taught us the real lessons of life, it  has portrayed that life will definitely pay you back when you respect life. Indian youth has always been inspiration to the world because of their fighting spirits. Real life struggles and fights have drawn admiraion for them.

Here are some of the  real life stories of Indian youth that  will always inspire the nation and even the whole world.

1. Manipur teen climate activist Lacipria Kangujam protests at COP-23

Lacipria Kangujam, a 12-year-old climate activist from Manipur, suddenly took to the stage at the climate conference - Conference of parties - that concluded in Dubai recently to protest against the inaction of the global leaders on ending the use of fossil fuels that is main reason behind global waming. Read More on this: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/manipur-teen-climate-activist-lacipria-kangujam-protests-at-cop-25783.html

2. Badalta Kashmir: Rap sensations Humaira and MC Raa sang what they saw around

Kashmir-based rappers Humaira and MC Raa, whose duet 'Badalta Kashmir' is breaking the internet were driven by their passion to sing about what they see around them. The rap song celebrating the positive changes in the Kashmir Valley after the abrogation of Article 370 touched 1 million viewers on day one and has been shared by leaders, celebrities and social media influencers from across the country. Read more on this story: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/badalta-kashmir-rap-sensations-humaira-and-mc-raa-sang-what-they-saw-around-25654.html

3. Asif and Diya live in love despite surging hate around

A decade ago Asif and Diya (Names have been changed on request) met in the chilly month of enchanting November in the Darjeeling hills during the glimmering season of Diwali. With the hills lit up with glowing Diwali lamps, sparkling lights, and warm bonfires, something magical transpired in their lives. To read more: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/asif-and-diya-live-in-love-despite-surging-hate-around-25397.html

4. Delhi's Faisal Khan distributes food among fasting Hindu women during Navratri

Those passing by a building in the Ghaffar Manzil area adjacent to the Jamia Millia Islamia University of Southeast Delhi during the Navratri festival would notice some hustle-bustle. Here, Faisal Khan and his team of "Khudai Khidmatgar,' (That in the English language means Servants of God) are busy preparing and distributing 'Vrat Kits' (food for those fasting) for the needy people who are observing fast in reverence to the Goddess, female divinity. To Read More: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/delhi-s-faisal-khan-distributes-food-among-fasting-hindu-women-during-navratri-24720.html

5. Wali Rahmani, 23, is close to setting up 100 schools for poor Muslim children

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), the apex watchdog for the rights of Indian children has released stunning figures about education and poverty. It says 10 lakh people stopped going to school in 2021 because they could not pay the fees. To Read more: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/wali-rahmani-is-close-to-setting-up-schools-for-poor-muslim-children-24056.html

6. JMI celebrates Mohd Adnan's role in Chandrayaan-3

Former student of Jamia Millia Islamia, Muhammad Adnan, who has been working with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) since 2008, has played an important role in the historic mission of Chandrayaan-3. To read More: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/jmi-celebrates-mohd-adnan-s-role-in-chandrayaan-23638.html

7. Why did a Kashmiri terrorist trust Adhik Kadam with his daughter’s upbringing?

In 2006, a terrorist and his two accomplices barged into the house where orphaned girls were lodged by the NGO Borderless World Foundation in Kupwara, north Kashmir. The employees were shivering in fear as they could recognize the leader of the intruders who was a top-ranked terrorist. To Read more: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/why-did-a-kashmiri-terrorist-trust-adhik-kadam-with-his-daughter-s-upbringing-23392.html

8. Afruja of remote Assam village tops varsity exam and breaks barriers

Afruja Begum, a student of BH College, Barpeta, Assam, has secured first position in the Philosophy Department of the University of Guwahati. She scored 9.07 CGPA. The University of Guwahati (GU) has announced the results of the Bachelor's Degree Examination in Philosophy. To read More: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/afruja-of-remote-assam-village-tops-varsity-exam-and-breaks-barriers-22709.html

9. How Harisa, lockdown turned Srinagar-based Aziz-ur Rehman into a bone artist

Aziz Ur Rehman watched his mother cook Harrisa, a mutton delicacy eaten in winter in Kashmir, to discover his innate talent. At, 22, this Kashmiri man from the Gulabagh area of Srinagar is an artist who creates artifacts and articles of use by crafting the bones of animals. Most likely, Aziz is the only bone craft artist from J&K. His extensive collection ranges from intricately carved decorative pieces to functional items like pen stands and candle stands. To Read More: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/how-harisa-lockdown-turned-srinagar-based-aziz-ur-rehman-into-a-bone-artist-22686.html

10. At 10, Kerala's Leena Rafeeq created app to detect eye disease through mobile

Age is just a number for precocious children. It surely is when one meets the 11-year-old Leena Rafeeq, of Kerala, who has developed a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to detect eye diseases and other conditions with an iPhone. To read More on this story: https://www.awazthevoice.in/youth-news/at-kerala-s-reena-rafeeq-created-app-to-detect-eye-disease-through-mobile-21015.html