Indian mango exports reach new heights in 2023-'24

Story by  ANI | Posted by  Tripti Nath | Date 27-10-2023
A variety of Indian mango
A variety of Indian mango


New Delhi (India)

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has accomplished a remarkable feat by boosting Indian mango exports to the USA by 19 per cent in the fiscal year 2023-24.

Efforts of the Indian agricultural sector, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and APEDA, have resulted in a substantial growth in mango exports during the first five months of the current fiscal year, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
The export figures show that India exported mangoes worth a staggering USD 47.98 million from April to August 2023.
This impressive performance marks a 19 per cent increase compared to the previous year, where mango exports amounted to USD 40.33 million during the same period.
The success story continues with the expansion of mango exports to other nations. India has exported 27,330.02 metric tons of mangoes valued at USD 47.98 million during the current fiscal year (April-August 2023), as compared to the 22,963.78 metric tons worth USD 48.53 million in 2022-23.
 A notable achievement in this endeavour is India's collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).
Inviting APHIS inspectors for the preclearance of mangoes at irradiation facilities in Vashi, Nashik, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad has played a pivotal role in facilitating mango exports to the USA, read the press release.
The results are evident in the statistics. During the first five months of the current fiscal year, India exported 2,043.60 metric tons of Indian mangoes to the USA, showing an impressive 19 per cent increase over the previous fiscal year.
Additionally, India exported mangoes to various other countries, including 43.08 metric tons to Japan, 110.99 metric tons to New Zealand, 58.42 metric tons to Australia, and 4.44 metric tons to South Africa, a new destination for Indian mangoes, read the press release.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and APEDA have also invited South Korean inspectors to facilitate mango exports.
After undergoing treatment at an authorized Vapour Heat Treatment facility under the joint supervision of the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine, and Storage (DPPQS) in India and the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency (APQA) in South Korea, India was able to export 18.43 metric tons of mangoes to South Korea, read the press release.
The increase in mango exports extends to 41 countries in 2023. India's efforts have opened doors to new destinations such as Iran, Mauritius, the Czech Republic, and Nigeria.
To further promote the export of mangoes, APEDA participated in the Seoul Food & Hotel Show to showcase Indian mangoes and organized a mango promotion program in collaboration with Indian Missions in respective countries, read the release.
To commemorate India's 75th year of independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav), APEDA facilitated the export of 75 eastern varieties of mangoes to Bahrain.
This exceptional consignment included five Geographical Indication (GI)-tagged varieties from the eastern region of India.
Additionally, various mango promotion programs and festivals were organized worldwide in collaboration with Indian missions in different countries, including Malaysia, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, to encourage the export of Indian mangoes, read the release.
With these collective efforts and initiatives, India's mango exports have reached new heights, delighting consumers worldwide with the sweet taste of India's famed mangoes.