Samsung unveils flagship smartphones

Story by  ATV | Posted by  AVT | Date 22-01-2021
Samsung mobile phone
Samsung mobile phone


Salik Waqus/New Delhi

The mobile major Samsung is ready to launch a new range of smartphones to support the much-awaited 5G internet regime.

The launch of flagship models by the South Korean gisnt is a keenly awaited annual event for both the technology aficionados and users. This year excitement of new arrivals is heightened by the growing sentiments against the Chinese brands and Samsung is a sure beneficiary of the trend.

All the three models receive AMOLED displays with a frequency up to 120 Hz making the users have silk smooth audio-visual experience. These parameters are found only in few cell phones and are the best in this technology segment.

The screen size of the new devices will be 6.2 inches for the S21, 6.7 inches for the S21+ and 6.8 inches for the S21 Ultra.

The models have Gorilla Glass Victus protective glass. They support the fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks and are powered by the new Exynos 2100 processor (except in the USA where it comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888), that the company unveiled separately earlier. This is the most powerful processor for mobile telephones.

The capacity of the battery in the new line-up is 4,000 mAh for the S21, 4,000 mAh for the S21+ and 5000 mAh for the S21 Ultra; the devices support fast and wireless charging.

Samsung phones are known for their cameras; its sensors are indigenous.

On the flip side, the price of new models is a bit on the higher side in the Indian market. Also, India is not planning for quick switch over to 5G regime for next three years and therefore its core usage remains irrelevant to most Indians.

(Salik Waquas is Dehi-based a tech-blogger)