Bengaluru based doctor averts mid-air crises, helps lady having seizure

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Sumana | Date 21-11-2023
A veteran doctor saved a lady who had seizures on Air India flight
A veteran doctor saved a lady who had seizures on Air India flight


New Delhi

In a recent incident on an Air India flight from Delhi to Toronto, a potential mid-air crisis was successfully averted, all thanks to the prompt and effective intervention of Dr. Sundar Sankaran, a doctor based in Bengaluru.

Dr. Sankaran detailed the incident on the micro-blogging site X, providing an account of the unfolding events just before the flight's departure. “On my way to Toronto from Delhi by @airindia I along with a radiologist from Toronto Satheesh @SatheeshToronto were called to attend to a middle aged lady who had seizures and disorientation,” he wrote on X.

“Flight was yet to take off and fortunately vitals were stable and we could offload her with the help of local Medanta doctors @medanta. The Air India staff were very cooperative and professional thanks to security concerns the whole aircraft underwent security screening and clearance and flight delayed by an hour,” he further tweeted.

“This is the 3rd time I have been called on board in the last 45 years of my medical career,” the tweet further stated.

“First time was from the Delhi to Bengaluru flight an IAF officer developed chest pain and I could give emergency care and the officer was taken immediately to Command Hospital Air Force and was treated for acute MI. The chief of the Air Force sent me a thank you letter but what was touching was the letter of thanks from the wife and daughter of the IAF officer patient. For a young doctor who had just begun his career the letters meant a lot,” the tweet further added.

Responding to Dr Sankaran’s tweet, Air India thanked him and replied, “Dear Mr Sankaran, we honour you for the part you played! Thank you. It always feels blessed to have a persona like you amongst us, who never hesitate to extend their helping hands for people. Thank you for noticing our staff commitment and will surely pass on your appreciation.”