300 cops injured in farmers' riot in Delhi

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 3 Years ago
Protest farmers besiege Red Fort
Protest farmers besiege Red Fort


New Delhi:

At least 300 personnel of Delhi police have been injured in the pitched batles the force fought with the farmers who took to violence in the capital on he republic day.

Acts of savargy on part of the protesters including throwing policemen on duty from a high wall have come to light through the scanning of CCTV camera footages.

Te police have also filed several FIRs, incuding on Conspiracy against the rioteres and some arrests are expected soon. Police are using CCTV camera footages to identify the rioters.

Life still remains affected in some parts of Delhi NCR with the internet services down. Though the capital woke up to a normal day, metro stations in old Delhi remained closed for boarding. 

In an unprecedented turn of events, Delhi witnessed violence and chaotic scenes in the place of three tractor rallies that the farmers protesting against the farm laws passed by the Parliament had been permitted to take out by the police.

The farmers violence has come in for condemnation from across the country.

Men armed with lathis and even guns removed the barricades before the rally was supposed to take off at Tikri; they picked pitched battles with police there  and later at ITO, close to the venue of the official Republic day Parade.

The Delhi police had taken a calculated risk in allowing farmers to take out rallies from border points to a distance inside the capital even when the intelliegence reports said the anti-India elements were trying to use the farmers’ protest to create trouble.

Police had said that some 300 social media handles had been created in Pakistan between January 13-18 and these were entrusted with steering the farmers’ protests in a certain direction.