I would continue to work toward winning your hearts: Modi to Kashmiris

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 07-03-2024
Nazim a young agri-entrepreneur from Pulwama, Kashmir, takes a selfie with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his Srinagar rally
Nazim a young agri-entrepreneur from Pulwama, Kashmir, takes a selfie with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his Srinagar rally



Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first rally in Kashmir today saw a big turnout of the public in Srinagar where he promised the people of the Valley that “he would continue to work toward winning their hearts” as he had been doing in the past nine years.

“I will not leave any stone unturned; This is Modi’s guarantee,” he said. He said he was indebted to the people for showering love and trust in him. “I will make sure to repay you for this.”

Modi said he was moved by the love and affection shown by the people who had waited for hours to enter the Bakshi stadium as also some one lakh people who watched and interacted with him online from 11 district headquarters.

While the Prime Minister targeted Congress and its associate parties (Read National Conference and PDP) for using Article 370 to promote the interests of a few families, they also used it to mislead people and keep them in the dark.

LG Manoj Singha offering a Kashmiri shawl to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his Srinagar rally

He said its removal has led to equal rights and equal opportunities for all.

“People of J&K have seen through their game these people and are realizing that removal of article 370 had helped the talent of the youth being recognized and equal opportunities and rights for all the people.”

He mentioned how Article 370 was misused to deprive the people of J&K from progressive schemes and laws and sections of the population like refugees from Pakistan and scheduled castes, etc from the rights offered by the Constitution.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a post about Nazim. a Kashmiri youth from south Kashmir who explained how he increased production of  honey with the help of government schemes and requested the PM to pose with him for a selfie on X:

He thanked all these young entrepreneurs for showing the way to the youth of India and being an inspiration for the rest of them.

He explained that in the coming days schemes like ‘Wed in India’ under which the weddings will be promoted across India will change the tourism industry in Kashmir.

He said, "Now my next mission is to promote 'Wed in India'. People should come to J&K and host their weddings...


PM Narendra Modi looking at the Shankaracharya Temple

Modi launched 53 schemes for different states remotely from Srinagar, he told people at the rally that under “Dekho Apna desh” schemes people will vote for different destinations and thereafter the selected places will be developed by the government. “This will be the first tourism promotion schemes through public participation,” he said.

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Promising to continue the development of J&K, Modi said, “Kashmir is the crown of India, and the crown should always denote glory and pride.”