J-K: Muhammad Ishaq Malik handwrites Holy Quran in six months

Story by  ANI | Posted by  Tripti Nath • 4 Months ago
Muhammad Ishaq Malik
Muhammad Ishaq Malik


Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir)

A 54-year-old Muhammad Ishaq Malik, a teacher by profession, from Darhal Malkan in the border district of Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir, has achieved the feat of writing a 611-page copy of the Holy Quran by hand.
Muhammad Ishaq, a native of Darhal Valley, wrote the Holy Quran on a writing pad. He said that he wrote the Holy Quran with his hand in six months and 14 days.
He said, "It was my dream since childhood to write the Holy Quran by hand, and Alhamdulillah, I finished writing the complete Quran. It has always been my desire to write the Quran by hand because my handwriting has been there since childhood. Once I went to buy a pen at a stationery shop. After buying a pen, I wrote Bismillah on a notebook."
Meanwhile, the owner of the stationery was watching me to check the quality of the pen, then he encouraged me to write the Holy Quran. Then I realized and started writing.
Muhammad said that initially, he took up calligraphy just to see if I could do it because after realizing it was a bit of hard work.
He started with a chapter of the Quran and felt happy doing so, after which he decided to finish the calligraphy of the entire Quran.
"I did not write a single word during the duty hours because I was in the job, because the job is mandatory, I used to write only in the early morning and evening hours in which my wife, son and my daughter supported me a lot. This handwritten Quran consists of 611 pages. Remember that the Holy Quran is the holy book of Muslims, consisting of 30 verses and 114 verses. Calligraphy by his hand is a very difficult task without making any mistakes, in which even if a mistake is made in Zir Zabur, it is a sin, so one has to look at each letter, Zir Zbar, Shad and Mad in a very careful manner."