Kayamkhanis take pride in Col Ishrat's promotion

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 19-04-2024
Col Ishrat with her family in her office (Facebook)
Col Ishrat with her family in her office (Facebook)


Ashfaq Kayamkhani/Nua (Jhunjhunu) Rajasthan

Colonel Ishrat Ahmed has become the first Muslim woman to hold such position in the Indian Army. 

She took over the command of the Ordnance Army unit in Meerut on Thursday. 

Col Ishrat belongs to the Kayamkhani Muslim community that prides itself in higher educational levels and military, administration and Police Services being their first choice of careers.

Col Ishrat hails from a prominent family of Nua village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. Though the Indian Army doesn’t highlight the religion of officers, her community posted the news of her appointment on social media and took pride in a woman from the community reach such a top position.

An old news clipping on Col Ishrat (Facebook)

Colonel Ishrat is the daughter of Colonel Zaki Ahmed and, sister of Brigadier Saqib Hussain. IGP Liaquat Ali Khan also comes from her family.

Col Ishrat’s family boasts of many civil servants in the State administration who have reached top positions.

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Expressing happiness over this achievement of Colonel Ishrat, Kamkhayani Bidri said, "The community also feels proud of such a family." The community expressed hope that this family would prove helpful in the advancement of their children as well.