Muslims of Kashi donated Rs 2 Crore for Ram temple

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 28-12-2023
The Ram Temple at Ayodhya
The Ram Temple at Ayodhya


Dr. Santosh Ojha/ Varanasi

“When I donated for the construction of Ram Mandir, a section of Muslims expressed their displeasure, but today the same people are appreciating it as a positive step and hailing it as as effort to bridge the gap between the two communities,” said Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, Principal of the Mohammad Hasan PG College, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Known for launching an educational movement in the city, Khan is now making headlines for being one of the highest donors among Muslims to the fund for construction of the Ram temple at Ayodhya. He donated 1.11 lakh for the temple trust which is building a magnificent Ram temple to be inaugurated on January 22, 2024.

Speaking with Awaz-the Voice, Dr Khan said, “the current situation is different. As children, we did not see conflict and hatred. No one knew the difference between a Hindu and a Muslim, but today the gulf between the two is widening and has reached alarming proportions. I think Muslims will have to take a big initiative to change this. We have to come forward on such occasions and set examples.’

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan said when the local volunteers collected donations for the Ram temple, he could see them accept donations of small denominations which were symbolic amounts. “I did not like it and I felt it is important to give a big message. My step can be called an attempt to keep the Ganga-Jamuni civilization of the country alive, we should join in the happiness of others, this step and thought will take us forward.”

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan

Speaking of the unity of Indians, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan says, “There was a time when we used to be with each other during Holi or Diwali. We participated in Ram Leela. We have to revive this culture. We have to respect each other's religion, to stand together in good times and bad.”

Under his initiative, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan is trying to improve the future of Muslims through education. “Education is the most important weapon that will improve your future. We have to think only about education. This can save the future of our new generation, keep them away from destructive politics.”

About 4000 Muslims of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh from 24 districts of Kashi (Benras) have donated more than two crore rupees to the fund raised for the construction of Ram Mandir.

On January 22, Ramlala's Pran Pratistha (consecration) ritual will be organized at Ayodhya. The organizing committee is sending Lord Shri Ram's Pathi i.e. Receipt to the Muslims who have donated to the temple.

​Dr. Abdul Qadir belongs to a highly educated and influential family. Knowing the importance of education from the beginning, his forefathers taught everyone. This family has set many an examples of brotherhood and mutual harmony

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan says that it would be meaningless to limit Lord Shri Ram to one group of people. “Lord Shri Ram is omnipresent. is omnipresent not only in Sanatan but in all religions. Lord Shri Rama is present in everyone's soul and form. It is meaningless to imagine this world without them.”

Iqra Anwar from Kashi says at the time of the Ram-Ravana war, just as a squirrel had ensured its participation in the construction of Ram Setu that enabled Rama’s army to reach Lanka, the Muslims of Kashi have also done their bit in the construction of Ram Temple.

Iqra Anwar

She says she felt blessed by doiating for the temple.Before visiting the Ram temple, Iqra Anwar, a resident of Kashi, Rs 11,000 to the Temple trust through a Saint. Iqra has got Jai Shri Ram tattooed on her right hand to become a symbol of mutual love and harmony.

Iqra says that for generations her family never discriminated between Hindu and Muslim. "People often picked wood from our garden for funerals in the village, so we are just carrying forward the tradition of our family," Iqra said.

Iqra says that it is a matter of pride that we live in a country where Lord Shri Ram is called Maridapursh – and we are proud to be likened to the squirrel that helped in construction of Ram Sethu.

Swami Jitendrananda Saraswati says that Iqra Anwar is a bridge of love between Hindus and Muslims while the work of spreading hatred continues; an enlightened woman like Iqra has also inspired many people in her community to cooperate. Their motive is to strengthen harmony.

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Ramesh, a campaigner from Kashi province, says that a large number of people from the Muslim community in 27 districts of Kashi province participated in the fundraising campaign. People from the Muslim community took to public forums to donate money without any hesitation. More than 4,000 people from the Muslim community have donated.