Muslims should focus on professional colleges

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Months ago
Inauguration of cardiac department of the Amnah Bibi Hospital in Ahmadabad, Gujarat

New Delhi

All India Muslim Personal Law Board Secretary Maulana Muhammad Fadl al-Rahim Mudjadi has asked Muslims to pay special attention to professional courses and especially medical education for careers of youth and set up community colleges for these. He said this while inaugurating the Cardiology Department at Amnah Bibi Hospital in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, on Monday.

He said that in the present times the importance of vocational education cannot be denied. The biggest problem after education is employment and vocational education plays an important role in providing employment. Muslims should pay maximum attention to establishing medical colleges and institutions for professional education.

Muslims should establish institutions of professional courses and the community members must come forward with investments and influential people with their support, he said.

He said that Muslim parents should encouraging their children to go for the higher education.

He praised Sheikh Ahmed Bhai Afin Wala, founder of the Amna Bibi Hospital for his mother’s recovery from a serious illness in 1997.

The Sheikh put in all his assets for the hospital and only kept a small amount for his needs. He also bought toys for the children admitted in the hospital. He invested all his money in Amanah Women's Hospital, which is equipped with all facilities.

Hospital Amanah Bibi was inaugurated in 2014. The womens’ Hospital is located in Sarkhiz area of Ahmedabad, the Muslim quarter of the city.

The hospital caters to all, and is a boon to Muslims living in the areas.

This single hospital started by one person has served them the way even the big Muslim organizations couldn’t do.

Both his sons, following in the footsteps of their father, have resolved to further develop the hospital.

Asking the founder to convert the hospital into a medical college, Jaipur's Mayor, Jama'eah Maulana Mudjadi said that this is the first hospital in North Gujarat, which has so many facilities.

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