Seminar of Shia Muslims in Kargil hails India, slams Pakistan

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Nakul Shivani • 7 Months ago
Pictures from the seminar held in Kargil
Pictures from the seminar held in Kargil



A seminar titled "Imam Khomeini the Pivot of the World Unity" was organised by the JK People's Justice Front of Srinagar at the Syed Mehdi Auditorium, Kargil.

The event was attended by prominent personalities from Kargil and the Kashmir valley.

A variety of audiences took part in the programme from different backgrounds and beliefs. Several college and Higher Secondary School students also attended the seminar.

While speaking at the event, Chairman of JK People's Justice Front Aga Syed Abass Rizvi called India as a "mother" and attacked Pakistan for targeted killings in the country.

"India is like a mother where different religions are flourishing together, whereas on the other hand in Pakistan target killing of minorities is common, specifically of Shia Muslims. The Shia community forms only 20 per cent of the total Pakistani population. They are also followers of Islam, but still, the Shia community doesn't hold the status of equality in the state of Pakistan," he said.

Chief Coordinator of JK People's Justice Front Syed Mubashir Kazimi also criticised Pakistan for attacks on holy sites saying, "There is no record of blasts in the holy places of minorities in India whereas it is common in Pakistan."

File image of protests in Pakistan against killings of Shias in the country

"Any kind of intoxication is Haram in Islam, but Pakistan makes all-out efforts to push drugs into our society and drugs are ruining the younger generation and we all have to come together and unitedly fight this evil," said another prominent personality Sheikh Abdullah Jaleeli.

Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Lutfi of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil stressed the India-Iran relations saying, "India-Iran relationship has always been strong since time unknown and it should further be strengthened."

He also said that other diplomats holding charge of religion, culture and education shall visit Kargil and Kashmir valley to further strengthen the Indo-Iranian relationship.

Syed Mohammad Kazim Sabiri, the Chief Guest of the seminar called India as the most trusted friend of Iran.

"India supplied technology to Iran when it was in most need and India had always been a trusted friend to Iran and its masses, so that friendship should be continued and expanded, at any cost," he said.

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Aqleemah Banoo, a religious scholar and a teacher in a local Maktab also addressed the audience and stressed that more opportunities must be made available to the girls to prove to the world that the Shia community is a progressive community, unlike what's happening in India’s neighbourhood.