There is no religion bigger than human service: Mohd Aseem

Story by  Aasha Khosa | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Years ago
Mohd Aseem
Mohd Aseem


Malick Asghar Hashmi/New Delhi

Mohammad Aseem of Dehradun had started alone in his mission to provide quality education and health care to poor families for a token fee. However, he soon found support coming from people for his work.
Recently, he got a message from a Mumbai-based teacher who wants to come to Dehradun to join his mission.
Mohammad Aseem Mukkam, a native of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, says he wants to improve the living condition of the people of his land. Although he is a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), his love for his people and land has only grown with time.

Aseem had lived abroad for 30 years and then decided to return home to pay back to society. He retains the ‘Pahari’ lifestyle.
Mohammad Aseem has achieved huge success in life and has all that one needs to live a comfortable life. However, his yearning to remain connected to his roots has seen him go back to his people.
He connects with people of all religions and is eager to help all. “Humanity is the biggest religion,” says Asim.
Talking to the Awaz-the-voice over the phone, he says there are always disruptive people in all religions and I have always given priority to humanity. Religion is a personal matter."

Mohammad Aseem’s father was a teacher who told him to always help others. His mother Maqsuda, and his four brothers live in the family house on Sahastradhara Road.
Mohammad Aseem opened a play school in Chandan Vihar in 2007, in which quality education is being imparted to children at a very nominal fee for one and a half decades.
He is now preparing to run a middle school where moral science will be the focus of education. He is busy with this project and fully involved in it these days.
Aseem work with a material management company in Saudi Arabia. He is an expert in machine management in the oil and gas industry. He is required to be in Saudi for 28 days for his job, and then he has to take off from work for 28 days. He uses the off-from-duty time for social work in Dehradun.
Aseem remembers his father's struggle. I have imbibed the quality of being honest from him.

Mohammad Aseem also has plans to open a hospital for the poor in Dehradun. He says that quality education and healthcare are expensive in India and a drain on the resources of the common man.
For this reason, he plans to open a school and a hospital for those who can not afford these.
Although Mohammad Asim works in Saudi Arabia, his love for his native place has never diminished.
Recently when he came to know about widespread devastation in Maldevta, Uttarakhand, due to heavy rains, he helped the affected people.
He opened a round-the-clock help counter for the victims of the floods and rain in Gandhi Park.
Similarly, during the Covid-10 pandemic, Aseem tried to help the affected in every possible way.