Akshayvat corridor to be ready before Maha Kumbh 2025

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Sumana • 29 d ago
Akshayvat corridor will play a major role in Maha Kumbh 2025
Akshayvat corridor will play a major role in Maha Kumbh 2025



The Akshayvat corridor will be a major attraction for pilgrims coming to Maha Kumbh 2025 in Prayagraj.

Spanning from the Akshayvat (the immortal) tree, located at the banks of river Yamuna inside the Akbar fort of the Sangam area, the corridor will end at Saraswati Koop via Patalpuri.

This corridor will be ready for tourists and pilgrims before June 2024.

A budget of about Rs 18 crore has been allocated by the Smart City for this ambitious project. In a recent meeting, between the Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) and the army officers regarding the construction of the corridor, the two sides mutually agreed to expedite the work.

PDA vice chairman, Arvind Kumar Chauhan said: “We have floated tender for this work and the same has been processed after which, the executing agency has been selected and it has assured us that the corridor will be ready by June next year.”

A huge gate at the entrance of the ramp leading inside the fort and to Akshayvat, will be made.

Along with this, there will be a corridor from the entrance to Akshayavat in, which renovation of railing and floor is proposed on both sides.

For beautification of the Akshayavat complex, attractive lighting, LED screen light, façade lights, sound system etc would be put in place along the corridor.

Devotees will be able to perform ‘Parikrama’ (Circumambulation) of the holy tree known to fulfil all the wishes.

Along with placing a new fence around the circumambulation path, the pilgrims would get to see a new look and facilities on the path leading to the holy tree.

The corridor will have a shed, developed by a different variety of flowering creepers and other vegetation.

There would be a proper facility of drinking water and benches that would be placed so that the pilgrims can take rest.

The corridor will have ‘Akshayavat circuit’ which will include Bade Hanuman temple and 'Saraswati koop' (well).

Chances are that after being constructed, the Akshayavat corridor could be inaugurated by the Prime Minister before Maha Kumbh.

Prior to its opening in 2019-the tree was under the jurisdiction of the Indian army located within Akbar’s Fort -- it was not accessible for common people to visit.

However, after the announcement by the Prime Minister, regarding opening the tree for the darshan by the common public, now the devotees can enter the fort but can see the tree from a distance.