Rosy-Akbar love story is making waves on social media

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Rosy and Akbar Pirani
Rosy and Akbar Pirani


New Delhi

While Imran Khan blames the foreign forces and much is talked about the differences between Pakistan and India, there's a couple like Akbar and Rosie, that is winning the hearts of million netizens through their reels, pics and everyday trivia.

Like former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, another Pak's cricketer Hasan Ali and his wife Samia Areju, Rosy and Akbar too are a love story of borders apart.

Rosie and Akbar have talked about falling in love and then getting married despite millions of ideological differences in their recent interviews. Rosie said she is of Pakistani-American descent, while Akbar is of Indian-American and adding to their woes Akbar hails from a Shia household while Rosy from Sunni. One may only wonder the amount of hurdles the couple would have had to cross in order to stay together.

Rosie added that she moved to the United States in 1995 while Akbar a year later.

Their love story is right from that of Jane Austen's novel where the couple falls in love at the first sight along with sharing a cute-meet story to tell the generations to follow. Akbar had seen Rosy in a shopping mall some 14 years back and was smitten by her charm, the stars were in his favour hopefully as she too seemed to like him back.

The couple accepts that coming from different countries they do have religious and cultural differences and though the couple, who live in the US state of Texas, said that their parents raised serious questions about their relationship and their was a time when the couple decided that they would never get married.

But Shahrukh Khan's DDLJ came to their rescue and Akbar did what Raj had done for his Simran. Akbar says that though despite the differences the Indians and Pakistanis share certain quintessential similarities which if worked upon can unite them like no other.

For example food, language, culture, values and most importantly Shahrukh Khan. According to the couple, the main reason for the differences between the two countries is politics and the policy of degrading each other. Pakistani-origin Rosie said that she had come to India in 2018 and was surprised to see that Pakistan and India have a lot in common.

He adds that they ignore trollers on social media, as there is no place for negative vibes in their life. When the couple was asked whom they support during the Pakistan-India match in cricket, both showed loyalty to their country. On the other hand, when asked to choose between Virat and Shahid Afridi, Rosie chose Shahid Afridi, while Akbar chose Virat saying that he was no match for anyone.

When asked as to how do they enjoy a long-lasting relationship inspite of completely different backgrounds rosy says that, "I work as a full-time attorney and part-time blogger, and Akbar is an entrepreneur who owns multiple telecommunications and real estate businesses. It can be hard to unplug, and work situations can arise even when you're on vacation. So we prioritize.."

"If a quick response is necessary, we make the phone call or respond to the text/email immediately. If it's not important, we will wait until we have some down time during our day and then respond. Akbar delegates tasks to his managers and employees when he is on vacation. And I always let partners at my law firm know when I am going to be out and finish all time-sensitive assignments prior to leaving. This helps us enjoy our holidays by being present and also maintain a work-life balance", she adds.