3 years of Awaz: Practicing journalism of hope and positivity

Story by  Atir Khan | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Months ago
Unity of Indians -representational image
Unity of Indians -representational image


Dear Readers,

 Awaz-The Voice is now three years old. We wish to thank all of you for your overwhelming support which has contributed enormously to our success.

Our journey began when algorithms were promoting content having extreme views. That was also the time when hate speech, extremism, and misinformation were at their peak. Falsehood and hate speech had vitiated the society and truth had become a casualty.

In the free market of media content, the mainstream media was riding on the demand and supply curve. Taking the much-treaded path could have been very convenient for us. We could have created content that would have been an instant hit by generating strong emotions on our websites and social media platforms. But we chose to be different.

We carved a more positive path and created journalism of hope and inspiration. It was a unique experiment that demanded a lot of perseverance. Our tenacity has paid off. In less than 1000 days of our existence, we are inching slowly but steadily towards a one billion views milestone across all our platforms collectively. This is a big achievement as per domestic and international digital media standards.

In these three years we discovered that there is a wide audience for our kind of journalism. This would not have been possible without the encouragement we have received from our readers/audience. We are deeply indebted to our readers for subscribing to positive journalism.

To mark the third anniversary of Awaz-the Voice, we have brought out our special anniversary editions. These will give you a glimpse of the work we are doing. We hope you will like these special language editions.

Our Urdu, Hindi, English, Assamese, and Marathi verticals have created a niche for themselves. Our content in five languages is being used by research scholars, policy-makers, and international think tanks. Inspired by the success of our Assamese and Marathi verticals, we will soon be launching our Arabic edition.

 We believe that the era of polarisation and intolerance is over. We are quite hopeful that this era is now at its fag-end. But the good thing that happened during that time was that it led to a better understanding of different communities.

The communities learned to come out of their cocoons and widen their understanding of the world.

Awaz-The Voice has held solid ground and done its bit for building bridges of social harmony. Our content has strengthened communities and helped them integrate with the mainstream.

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Our country is now entering an exciting era of communal harmony and understanding as opposed to polarisation. We look forward to contributing quality content that would lead to better understanding between communities and catapult our nation to becoming the world’s most influential nation.

Team Awaz-The Voice is gearing up for this new era. We hope to count on you for your support and encouragement.

Atir Khan