3 Hindu families donate land for a mosque in Assam’s Nalbari

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 08-02-2023
Mosque leaders felicitating a land donor
Mosque leaders felicitating a land donor


Munni Begum/Guwahati

Three Hindu families have donated land for the construction of a mosque in Western Assam’s Nalibari district. The families of the deceased Surendra Baishya and Pabin Deka, and Paresh Deka have donated a plot of 1 katha and 9 lechas of land for the construction of a mosque for the Muslim residents of Pub Kalakuchi village.

"Pub Kalakuchi is inhabited by people belonging to both Hindu and Islamic faiths. “There are very few Hindus in our village compared to Muslims, but we live here in complete harmony and brotherhood. People from both Hindu and Muslim communities come together to celebrate various festivals. Because of this cultural amity, our village has become a symbol of harmony today.

Many years ago, my father-in-law, Late Kaliram Deka, donated 1 katha 9 lecha land to the Muslim residents in the village to build a mosque. The land right, however, remained with us. We have formally transferred that plot of land to the villagers," Riju Deka, wife of Paresh Deka, told Awaz-The Voice.

A land donor performing Bhumi Puja on the land where mosque will be built

There are many examples of people in Assam who have been trying to spread communal hatred in society by making various comments about Hindus and Muslims. However, others have maintained peace and harmony in the state. One such example is Pub Kalakuchi. Congregational prayers were organised during the foundation laying ceremony of the mosque and both Hindus and Muslims participated alike.

Poinuruddin Ahmed, president of the Paschimtary Jame Masjid managing committee, said: "Both Hindus and Muslims have been living in our village with a spirit of brotherhood over the past 50-60 years. There are only seven Hindu families as against 80 Muslim families in the village. But, we have never considered them (Hindus) a separate community from us. We have always lived like members of the same family. We have never allowed religious divisions to rise between us and will not give it a chance in the future too."

Muslims offering namaz on the day ithe foundation stone of the mosque was laid

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"Our ancestors voluntarily donated 1 katha and 9 lechas land in the name of the mosque from 7 bighas of land in Paschimtari neighborhood of Pub Kalakuchi. We have now formally handed over the plot to the villagers," said Ruparekha Deka, wife of the Late Pabin Deka. "We always want to live in harmony. Therefore, we have handed over the land donated by our ancestors to the villagers. We will also provide all necessary financial assistance for the construction of the mosque,” she added.

The foundation of the mosque has already been laid at Kalakuchi in Banhjani, symbolic of Hindu- Muslim harmony. Maulana Sayedur Rahman, head of Darul Uloom Madrasa, Kumarikata, laid the foundation of the Jame Masjid. The foundation laying ceremony was also attended by the villagers as well as members of the families who donated the plot. Every member of the land donor family participated in the foundation ceremony. The donor families also performed bhumi puja (groundbreaking prayer) along with the foundation ceremony.