Iqbal Durrani had to go without work for 6 years while translating Samaveda

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Iqbal Durrani with his Book on Samaveda
Iqbal Durrani with his Book on Samaveda


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Noted Bollywood direction and producer Iqbal Durrani, whose book on Samaveda, the ancient Indian scripture, in Hindi and Urdu was launched on Friday, said he had to go “without work for six years while working on the epic project. 

Durrani said his books - translated versions of the world's oldest Sanskrit scripture Samaveda in Hindi and Urdu - are Ishq ka tarrana, meaning the anthem of love.

Hailing from Bihar Iqbal Durrani has directed movies like Hum Tum Dushman Dushman, Gandhi Se Pehle Gandhi, Hindustan, Dukaan, Mitti, Betaj Badshah, Khuddar, Pardesi, Dhartiputra, Naya Zaher.Durani is the 

Narrating his challenges in writing the books, Durrani said, “I had no source of income, but I survived that too, kept my family in Mumbai, I knew it was difficult, could have earned crores of rupees in the meantime, but it was difficult to give up.”

Samaveda is a book of Sanskrit hymns written approximately in the period 1500 and 1200 BCE.

He said he had to take a break from his work of films to write the book because two-timing was not helping.

Iqbal Durrani said that the biggest problem in the translation of this book was his engagement with films.” I was working on films and it was very difficult to translate this book while working on films. Secondly, I was a physics student and also a Muslim, so many things came in the way of my translation work.”

RSS Chief Moham Bhagwat released his book at a function in the capital on Friday.

Iqbal Durrani said that 400 years ago, Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh got Upnishdas translated and he wanted to translate the Vedas, but his brother Aurangzeb got him killed in the war of succession to Shah Jahan's throne.

”Today, under the rule of PM Modi, I have fulfilled his dream. Aurangzeb lost and Modi won,” the author said.”

Advocating the introduction of his books in the curriculum of madrasas, Durrani said “this book should be taught in Madrasas so that children can know what is right and what is wrong.”

Iqbal Durrani said that this has enough illustrations to interest a common child in the right way.

He is also planning to launch its digital version soon and that will be uploaded on YouTube. The idea is that Samaveda should become accessible to all through their smartphones and laptops.

Narrating his difficulties, Iqbal Durrani said that translating Samaveda was like swimming in a river of sand.

He feels the books are an anthem of national unity.

Iqbal Durrani said that these days as hatred is being taught everywhere, and history is being erased, he decided to write the anthem of love for national unity. He said Veda being the original book must be known and read by all.

He said that I do not want to point fingers at anyone, I say this to all people that everyone should know and read our ancient knowledge to address misconceptions.

"We don't always point fingers towards ourselves, we always point fingers towards others," he said asking people to take responsibility for their conduct rather than get into the blame game.

He has decided to promote his book among the masses. “I will continue my journey to light up hearts with love and knowledge.”.

Explaining his philosophy of life, Iqbal Durrani said, “We (humans) are not with anyone. We are with the Vedas and the one who is with the Vedas is with me, the (APJ Abdul) Kalam that is with me is the Kalam of love and I am with him. I have followed religion, but I have given importance to karma more than religion.”

He said, “our division should not be based on religion but based on deeds.”

Durrani said after he started working on the project he had to face the challenge of being discarded by filmmakers as someone who is hooked on doing God's work. 

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He said this kind of labeling means nobody would like to work with him and he has taken it up as a challenge.