POK seeks freedom from Pakistan on Aug 14

Story by  Aasha Khosa | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 14-08-2022
An image captured from the video on protests in Muzaffarabad
An image captured from the video on protests in Muzaffarabad


New Delhi

On Pakistan’s Independence Day, tension is high in Muzzafarabad and other parts of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir as the authorities have suspended telephone and internet services and launched a crackdown to apprehend those behind an attack on the venue of celebration and pro-freedom protests Saturday night.

The venue of the I-Day celebration was attacked by an angry mob late Saturday night. The protesters also held a demonstration denouncing Pakistan and seeking freedom for the occupied territories.

According to posts on social media, at least at two places a big mob was seen chanting pro-freedom slogans and some were even seen waving the Indian tricolor. Those shooting the scene have taken care not to expose the faces of the protesters.

Prof Sajjad Raja, Chairman, National Eqality prty for Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and Gilgit Baltistan, (NEP for JKLGB) who lives in exile in London, says there is anger in POK on the occasion of Pakistan’s independence day.

He posted a video on Twitter and said Muzaffarabad people denounce August 14 by chanting slogans for independence from Pakistan. He claimed the Pakistan authorities have launched a brutal crackdown on protestors and shut down internet and telephone service in the area after the venue of Independence Day was attacked by a group of locals.

He wrote:

It may be recalled that Pakistan had waged its first hybrid war in Kashmir in October 1947 by sending a lashkar of tribesmen from NWFP into Kashmir when the state was under Maharaja Hari Singh. The Monarch was yet undecided on which domain – India or Pakistan – should his State be part of.

Another video of actual attack on the venue of ID celebrations and clashed between security forces and youth was also posted on social media:

The tribal army reached Baramulla and was advancing to Srinagar when the Maharaja called for Indian Army’s help and signed the instrument of accession. As India approached the United Nations security Council against Pakistan’s aggression,

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The move resulted in a ceasefire between tehe two south asian neighbours that in turn became the line of control. The area with Pakistan captured by its army before the Indian army routed it became POK.