Poland: In racist video, Indian called 'parasite'

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Nakul Shivani • 1 Years ago
Video of an Indian being racially abused in Poland has emerged
Video of an Indian being racially abused in Poland has emerged


New Delhi

In a back-to-back incident of Indians being targeted in the United States, a fresh video has surfaced but this time from a European country where an Indian man is allegedly being called a "parasite" and a "genocider".

An undated clip went viral on social media platforms which shows an Indian man, whose identity has not been established yet, is being targeted by an attacker who calls himself an American, trails behind him yelling racial slurs.

The latest incident took place in Poland allegedly by an American in the European country. The attacker in the video identified him as an American and a "White".

Furthermore, in the video, the man could be heard saying "Stop filming me", but the attacker said he had the right to film him as it was his country.

"Why are you in Poland?" the attacker could be heard in the video. "Why are you filming me?" the man believed to be Indian, said. "Because I am from America... and in America, there's too many you guys. So why are you in Poland?" the attacker said further.

He continued to ask: "do you think you can just invade Poland? You have your own country. How come you not go back to your country?" The Indian evaded him and kept on walking.

"Europeans want to know why you are coming to white man's land to take off from our hard work. Why don't you build your own country? Why are you being a parasite? You are genociding our race. You are an invader. Go home, invader. We don't want you in Europe. Poland for Polish only. You are not Polish," he said.

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