Well done, Awaz, the Voice of positivity!

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Months ago
Hindu Muslim unity ( representative image, Courtesy: Facebook)
Hindu Muslim unity ( representative image, Courtesy: Facebook)


Rashmi Narzary

A long void in the realms of news channels which focus on positive, encouraging news has been, mercifully, filled with the launch of Awaz-the Voice three years back. And since its inception, over the past three years, it has remained true to its principles of looking out for, and publishing news which inspire, motivate, create tolerance and understanding, and raise hopes at a time when what hits the headlines is mostly, though not exclusively, disturbing and unsettling incidents picked up by random sources. Sadly, these are times in which incidents that solely require police and administrative investigation habitually make it to the news, which, consequently, hamper the investigation process.

This is precisely where Awaz-the Voice puts its foot down and has begun a trend of focusing on positive news. Societal and human behaviour, especially among the youth, has an inclination to search for attention and limelight and to indulge in such deeds and issues that bring them that rush of adrenaline.

So if they see violence and immorality making the headlines, they too fall for it. On the other hand, if they see that positive innovations, acts of value and achievements that motivate others bring in greater attention and limelight, along with respect, they will definitely be tempted to follow a like path. Because their minds are vulnerable and are easily influenced, the onus is on us, as guardians, to feed them that which guides them towards personal as well as greater good.

The goal of Awaz-the Voice, through its meticulously picked news items, is exactly that; to guide the susceptible, to bridge cultural diversities, to promote harmony and to be the voice of the unheard. It must definitely be a magnanimous challenge for the team behind this emerging news channel to flow against the tide, but it has undoubtedly done a stupendous job over the last three years. I believe it will continue to do so. It will be a privilege for all of us who feel we can make a difference, a positive difference, to lend just that much of support, cheer, and cooperation to team Awaz-the Voice.

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Here’s hoping their voice remains clear and courageous, rising above the din. Heartiest congratulations on the brave and successful completion of three years, and wishing an eternity of being the Voice of Positivity!

(Rashmi Narzary is an acclaimed writer & winner of the Sahitya Akademi Prize for Children’s Literature)