MapmyIndia launches AI-driven company ClarityX

Story by  IANS | Posted by  Vidushi Gaur | Date 24-06-2024
MapmyIndia on Monday launched ClarityX company
MapmyIndia on Monday launched ClarityX company


New Delhi

Homegrown geospatial software provider MapmyIndia on Monday launched ClarityX company which is focused on providing enterprise clients with customer-centric artificial intelligence (AI)-driven data analytics and consulting.

ClarityX will help expand MapmyIndia’s enterprise offerings and addressable market, by empowering enterprises with AI-driven insights from multi-dimensional static and real-time data, enabling immediate strategic decision making and driving digital transformation.

“I had the conviction that someday, 80 per cent of all data would have a location component, and this resulted in MapmyIndia developing into a pioneering digital map data and location technologies company,” said Rakesh Verma, Founder, ClarityX, and Co-founder and CMD, MapmyIndia.

“ClarityX leverages AI and HI (human intelligence) in a bespoke and consultative manner to offer tailor-made actionable insights to enterprise customers across all industries,” he added.

ClarityX’s ‘Made in India for the World’ solutions include proprietary indices such as district potential index and rural potential index, machine learning models such as sales projection model and risk assessment model (utilizing predictive modeling), insights such as origin-destination analysis, category trend analysis and catchment analysis and a trends dashboard to demonstrate where India is moving.

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“Our unique ability to seamlessly integrate MapmyIndia’s geospatial data with multi-dimensional static and real-time data and extract sophisticated AI driven insights enable ClarityX to go to customers faster with solutions that are concise and accurate,” said Rakhi Prasad, Co-founder, ClarityX.