Women's empowerment must for society's growth: Naseeruddin Chisti

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Years ago
Women being awarded at the AISSC function
Women being awarded at the AISSC function


New Delhi
Syed Naseeruddin Chishti, Chairman of All India Sufi Sajjada Nasheen Council (AISSC) has raised questions about men being the decision makers in society and wondered how can it grow under these circumstances. Men, he said, take decisions without understanding women and their struggles. He said for improving a society it is necessary to empower women.
Islam, he said, had prescribed sublime rights for women, which lead to their empowerment.
He was speaking at a conference  'Islam, Sufism and Women's Empowerment organized by the women's wing of (AISSC) in Delhi.
 Speakers at the event laid stress on social harmony in the context of Sufism and women's empowerment, Besides, speakers also spoke about the ways to improve the condition of women.
Syed Naseeruddin Chishti said the AISSC would work for the empowerment of Muslim women at the grassroots. He said the teachings of the Sufis -  about peace, brotherhood, and love - are missing in society and they must be re-introduced. As a mother is a child’s first teacher, the women, he said have to play a key role in spreading their message.

He said in Islam, the first institution created for the public was a school and the mosque came later. Islam recognizes the right to education and does not differentiate between men and women in obtaining knowledge and education. It enjoins everyone to receive education in every sphere of life.
He said that quality education is the key to women's empowerment. Gradually, with the increase in the level of literacy and awareness, the importance of education has increased. Today, many parents want to educate their daughters like their sons and women are scientists and lecturers, etc.
He said that Islam gives women the freedom and right to choose their life partner. She has to accept the groom in front of the witnesses for nikah, can fix her Mehr money and all conditions to be followed in marriage.
He also said that Islam promotes nationalism and teaches a person to be loyal to his country and obey its laws. Islam recognizes the 'right to life and liberty and women have the right to live a good life and they have the freedom to express themselves in many things.
He said women with a sharp understanding and wisdom are often are not allowed to take decisions. since Sufis didn’t differentiate between genders, caste, or religion while giving away teaching to promote peace, love, and harmony among human beings, it’s important to ensure women are given their due respect and rights.
Deputy Sajjadanshin Fareed Ahmed Nizami of Dargah Nizamuddin Auliya, Delhi, Wahid Pasha Sahab, Coordinator of AISSC, Chief Guest and Member of Muslim Law and Jurisprudence Telangana State Waqf Tribunal, Hyderabad Mohsina Parveen, Program President and Sarojini Naidu Center for Jamia Millia Islamia attended the conference.
Director of Women's Studies Prof. Sabiha Hussain, author Dr. Naima Jafri Pasha, Writer Bushra Alvi Razzaq,  Zakir Hussain of Delhi College Delhi University Dr. Shahina Tabassum, Historian and author Prof. Senior Babli Parveen, Director of Abhigyan IAS Academy, Fatima Afroz Sahiba etc. were present at the event.