NSA Ajit Doval: “We will sail or sink together”

Story by  ATV | Posted by  shaista fatima • 6 Months ago
NSA India Ajit Doval

New Delhi/Atv Bureau

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said that a few persons in the country are creating conflict in the name of religion.Their activities have adverse impact both in India and abroad. And that there is a need to unite and fight such forces.

Doval said the country is developing at a fast pace and its benefits would be reaped by all the Indians, irrespective of which religion they belong. But there are few forces, who are at work to create a bad environment in the country.

He said: “There is a need to understand that we Indians will either sail together or all will sink together.” India is an ancient civilization, which has a rich history of great Dharam Gurus.

Their contribution to religious activities and intellectual enrichment is remarkable. “It is the responsibility of the present generation to ensure that some persons with vested interests are not allowed to weaken the country,” he said, while addressing Interfaith Conference organized by All India Sufi Sajjadanashi Council in New Delhi.

In the conference which was attended by Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist religious leaders, the NSA said the number of people who believe in peace and development for all Indians are larger than those who create trouble.

Those in majority need to make their voices heard. Only people with intention and capability can fight such negative forces. And the religious leaders have big following, which needs to be mobilized in this direction. Faults have to rectified.

All sections of the society including women and children have to be involved in the spirit of nationalism. Adverse forces need to be countered with organizational skills and as per a plan, which will ensure a message of peace until the last Indian, he said.

He mentioned a Pre-Independent Indian history event of 1915, when six Muslim ulemas had gone to Afghanistan and had formed a government in exile. Raja Mahendrapal was made the President by the ulemas.

That was a jihad. And that Jihad should not be misunderstood as a practice against any particular religion.

He said people from all religions have given sacrifices for this country and we should be proud of it. “There is a need to bring a kind of revolution- a realization that we will not allow our unity to be compromised,’’ he said, adding, all Indians should have a feeling that they will protect life and property of every fellow Indian.

There is an environment of conflict in the entire world. And there is a need to unite and ensure communal harmony. India has been a free civilization and we have to maintain this feeling and take it forward. 

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